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My best friend is in a band. It's not his band, per se, but he's in it, and he loves playing in it, so.

They had a show at one of my favorite Chicago venues last night, sharing the stage with such local talent as The Ivory Theory, The Action Blast, and Super Happy Fun Club and it was an AMAZING show. I was only on the floor to see best friend's band perform, as I was busy being the unofficial official merch girl for his band, The Aesthetic, but all the bands last night were amazing and I picked up so much new music, my car will be so happy. :)


I've been reading a bit more lately. I used to have a NOOK Color (NC) e-reader, but I sold it and (sort of) upgraded to the new one Barnes and Noble has out, the NOOK Simple Touch (NOOK Touch), mainly for the battery life, and the fact that since the NC was more like a tablet, I kept getting distracted from my reading with promises of internet and Angry Birds, so. It seemed like a good choice for me, and I'm really happy with it.

Its name is Kristoph (von) Nookenstein, and I really do take it with me everywhere. I'll never be one to completely discard physical paperback books. I actually insist that whatever house I end up in will have a library room full of bookshelves. But when you're the type of person who is capable of reading several books at once, and likes to go back through some of your favorite books just to find a favorite moment or quote that wiki'd its way into your head, I think e-readers are perfect for you. ~hugs Kristoph tight~


Also, August was supposed to be my month for doing things. Productive things, like setting up my loan repayment so that I can register for school, and then actually register for school. But how the hell did the 14th get here so fast? I must do ALL OF THE THINGS this week. Because it is what I must do.

Because honestly, only having work to look forward to is getting really boring. D:


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