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...because mine is on the fritz. :(

I can honestly do okay without it. I'm staying with my grandma (more news about this in a sec) and she doesn't really have internet access (we can both make internet with our phones), so aside from writing and my music I don't really have a use for it right now. Besides, I'm hoping that once I register for school, I can either get money for a Macbook or get my family to just get me a new laptop for school. That would rock.

I'm just hoping that it decides to work for me when I get home. I have SO MUCH new music on my computer that hasn't made it to my external hard drive, and I'd probably die if I lost it all. D:

About me staying at my grandma's, I'm super happy about this. :D About two years ago, I was staying with her, but she kicked me out for severe laziness, which in normal "not my grandma" language would be just general laziness. :P I'd been trying to suck up the courage to ask her if I could stay with her again while I go to school, because seriously, the worst thing she could do is say no, right? So I did that today and underscored my commitment to abiding by her rules by asking her to write up a contract for me, and she said yes! :D So I'm good to stay for another six months, at least.
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